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 Justin - Osborne Park Store  


Justin has been in the water ever since he was old enough to swim. He was grom surfer and a competitive one at that.

For all of his mature life, he has been working in the water sports industry.

He knows as much about board constructions as anyone you'll meet. He can practically chew your ear off talking about fins, leashes, wax and accessories.

Most recently he was a competitive Stand Up Paddle board racer and has competed in the iconic Rottnest Doctor Downwinder Ocean Paddling Race

After realizing an opportunity to help people get the gear they need, Justin started his own brand of surf eye-wear which he named after his son Sage, Sage Eyewear

Now he loves to get out on the SUP with the family. His favorite locations for a leisurely paddle are Mindarie and Hillarys. His favorite wave around Perth is a 'secret' spot near Watermans Bay and at Metthams.

Justin's favorite board is the Starboard Drive, as it's an efficient and effective flat water paddler but also suitable for nice fat wave!

Come learn something from him!


Jo Team Photo


Jo - Osborne Park Store                                                  


Before commencing work with us, Jo made it clear that a job wasn't going to keep him out of the water! 

He can be found kiting every windy afternoon through the summer while running a service called the Upwinder. When the surf is in, his favorite spot is Brighton beach, primarily because it's less crowded and he lives in walking distance of the area. 

Jo loves to help you connect with a community of like minded, passionate water sports enthusiasts and believes that every experience is best enjoyed when shared. Let him help you get 'in'.Jo's favorite board is the Starboard Converse, as it's a smaller board that surfs fantastically but also tracks and glides well in flat water. 

He is excited to share the stoked and loves to teach people about equipment. He works hard to ensure that you have the equipment that will serve you best. 





Marco - Osborne Park Store                                            

Marco has been a fanatical watermen for most of his life. He can windsurf with the best of them and has taken to Stand Up Paddling like a duck to water. 

He is extremely dedicated to water sports and is a major ambassador for the Flying Objects range, a brand that focuses on best meeting the needs of SUP, kite and windsurf enthusiasts. 

He can be found paddling early, really early, at Metthams whenever the swell is on. Marco's favorite board is the Starboard Hypernut, a radical high performance surf board.  

Marco knows about as much as distribution, customer needs and brand service as just about anyone. Come in for a chat with him!





Will - Osborne Park Store                                                

Will so firmly believes in the value of recreational sports he has dedicated all of his time and energy to it. He eats well, surfs hard and works ruthlessly 8 days a week. 

Will has traveled the world meeting designers of the latest equipment and is well connected with manufacturers and retailers all over Perth. He SUPs, kites, surfs and then stretches out the stress of it all at yoga. 

Wills' favorite board is the Starboard Pro, the range's performance board for serious waves!

He wants to help you have a great time on the water and his knowledge is more than sufficient to get you there quickly!





Ian - Osborne Park Store & sometimes the SUP School. 

When you look at where Stand Up Paddling, Kitesurfing and Windsurfing is in Australia, it is fair to say that Ian has played a BIG part in getting it to where it is! He was the first retailer of kitesurfing and Stand Up Paddleboarding gear in WA. He works closely with leading brands to express the needs of Australian watermen. He runs a school and a few stores, Stand Up Paddlesports, Airborne Kitesurfing and Windforce.

Ian's favorite board now is the Starboard All Star, a race oriented Stand Up Paddle board suitable for both the flat water and wind swells!

He sponsors events, works continuously, connects with the community, builds long term relationships and pretty much just constantly wants to share his passion for water sports with everyone! 





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